About NewBeetle.org

NewBeetle.org began life in November of 1999. A personal project of Jeff Croft, it was never intended to become what is has. It didn't take long before the forums section of the site had a few hundred members, and it was obvious that NewBeetle.org was well on its way to becoming the top Internet resource for Volkswagen New Beetle drivers.

Nearly nine years later, NewBeetle.org has seen over 22,000 registered members, and averages between five and eight new members per day. Anywhere between 300 and 500 new discussion posts are created and over 20,000 pages are viewed by 1,000 unique visitors each day.

NewBeetle.org is driven by support from sponsors, which have ranged from aftermarket product retailers to Volkswagen dealerships. In addition, many members of the site have chosen to donate to the cause and become a Member Sponsor.