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Originally Posted by The Cheat
Al-the paint color you want is Black Magic Pearl. It's the black for the 20th anniversary GTI and the 04-05 Jetta GLI 1.8T. It's sharp. Very metallicy and very sweet at night.

Another pearl I like is Honda's Flamenco Black Pearl. It's got a red pearl in the basecoat, so it looks almost red at night. That paint code is NH-592P.

Nighthawk Black Pearl by Honda is sweet as well. It has a blue pearl in it, so it looks blue at night.

Just some ideas for you to consider. A good paintjob will probably be around $2000 if no bodywork needs to be done.
2K....Yikes!!!! I guess I better break out a few hundred cans of Krylon Gloss Black...JUST KIDDING That black magic pearl sounds like the route I'll go with. Now is that 2K paint job for VW body shop work or other jobbers?

Oh yeah, I boweth to thee oh great moderator. Congrats mang! Did you don this mask during the org's transformation? Again, congrats.
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