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Originally Posted by scarabY2k
2K....Yikes!!!! I guess I better break out a few hundred cans of Krylon Gloss Black...JUST KIDDING That black magic pearl sounds like the route I'll go with. Now is that 2K paint job for VW body shop work or other jobbers?

Oh yeah, I boweth to thee oh great moderator. Congrats mang! Did you don this mask during the org's transformation? Again, congrats.
I'm not really a TDIrookie by any means now, so I figured it would be appropriate. 2k-2500 will get you a good paint job from a reputable place (no Maaco or Earl Schaab). I paid $2900 to get my ITR resprayed Mary Kay white (don't laugh, it had pink metal flakes in it), and it included the jambs. This, after Maaco messed up the first time, so there was some extra prep involved.

Thanks for the kind words, always a pleasure conversing with you.
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