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Originally Posted by curly
i was thinking today, al: where's blossom? there's got to be someone that loves blossom like we love buttercup and bubbles. maybe a nice red nb? hehehe.
What's up gurrrl,
Ya know, that would be too cool. And yes, red would be the color. Buttercup worked out great for me. Buttercup is a flower after all. PPG buttercup looks better in the flower vase of a guy, that an actual flower. Not that theres nothing wrong with flowers. Ya know how us guys are

I don't know if I told ya. I gave 73Standard a MoJo JoJo for their green nb. Don't know if they're gonna name it that. He just wanted one for the bug. We'll see what becomes of it.

Hey by the way, are you ok from Rita passing through this past weekend?
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