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Originally Posted by scarabY2k
I don't know if I told ya. I gave 73Standard a MoJo JoJo for their green nb. Don't know if they're gonna name it that. He just wanted one for the bug. We'll see what becomes of it.
yes, you told me. i LOVE mojo jojo. i so love the way he talks. hehehe.

Originally Posted by scarabY2k
Hey by the way, are you ok from Rita passing through this past weekend?
man, rita who? in austin, we didn't get a drop of rain, not a speck! we got some nice gusty breezes on saturday, but if it wasnt for the news, we wouldn't have known anything was up. so, my friend's and i used the nice day to paint clean, polish and wax our cars. it was a LOT of work, but worth it. i even got a sunburn! and we were supposed to get a hurricane!
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