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Old 11-29-2005, 04:43 AM
Pulgamovil's Avatar Member Sponsor Pulgamovil is offline
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Thumbs down Air conditioning wont work, fans dead my Bug is SICK

Today I had the darnest of weird symptoms on my bug, to recap:

1) driving noemally intraffic with Ac on.
2) The cars makes a weird humming sound at 50 to 70 hz real loud and the whol ecar buzzes ( I thought that someone in another car next to me had a huge subwoofer), but no It was my bug!!!
3) Weird shaking from the engine bay !!!

I stop, and turn on again the car and everything normal but NO COLD air conditioning !!!!

Then I enter the On ramp and drive home and notice my non working AC and NON working FANS!!!!


I move the Ac control to OFF, put the dial in full heat and turn on the blower at MAX.
Drive like an old geezer home to avoid overheating he car and the temps were around 207 to 212 F !!!

So I Drive home and let the car Idle for 2 minutes and I dont hear the fans !!! I turn it OFF THEN like 2 minutes later the fans come on s THEY WORK

I let the car cool down I put the vag com.

And I test the cluster in the overheta mode to engage the fans and NO FANS COME ON!!!!.

I tun on the car and when I turn on the AC the See the Ac clutch engage for a sec and then disengage, then again and again!! also when this hapens both fans turn like a quuarter turn and stop, turn and stop...

I have Chequed the 4 fuses, no vag fault codes of any kind, the secondary water pump works when i turn off the car...what the heck is going on???

Is my AC compresor gon ethe way of the dodo?

any help would be greatly appreciated...
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Old 11-29-2005, 04:48 AM
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I had a similar problem with my fans. I had the same buzzing and shaking of the car actually made more of a howling noise when I had my problem. Mines slightly different. Only my drivers side fan is dead, which is primary. When its just warm outside, the secondary fan is running and cool air comes out fine. When its hot though, it tries to kick on that second fan so it makes the car vibrate and all. I havent had my other fan die though :knock on wood:

Good luck with that. I hope its not something too difficult
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Old 11-29-2005, 07:34 AM
hannacoRegistered Member hannaco is offline
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It sounds like it could be one of many problems.
When was the last time you had the A/C serviced? That would consist of removal of the fluid, replacement of the dryer, and refill of fluid and compressor lube.
If your A/C is low on fluid the pressure switch will not work properly. This controls both the compressor and the fans. Only way to tell if you have the correct amount of Freon is to hook up the A/C service machine. It has both the high and low side pressure gages.
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Old 12-03-2005, 01:13 AM
Pulgamovil's Avatar Member Sponsor Pulgamovil is offline
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Mexico CIty, D.F., Mexico
Car: New Beetle turbo Sport 2002

Today I picked up the Bug at the stealership and they charged me a good 350 USd for the repairs.

Like 140 for diagnosing ( not that high since I already vag commed the Bug to oblivion trying to find the problem.)

They chequed the herness, shorts and came to the conclusion that my Fans controler had gone the way of the dodo (USD137 ) thank you !!!

So Now the bug is cooling again, doesnt heat up and working fine, ready for its kit..

Hope this info helps anyone later

BTW the module is in front of the left front wheel.
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Old 12-03-2005, 05:20 AM
Herbie3Rivers's Avatar Member Sponsor Herbie3Rivers is offline
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I had the same problem with Elwood back in July. His A/C was making weird noises, and I took him to have it checked out, and it ended up being the A/C compressor. Now at the dealership I used to work at, the repairs would have been around $1100 USD. Which I didn't have at the time, I was doing some traveling that week and nursed Elwood's A/C the whole trip. I finally got sick of it as it was a fairly hot weekend and pulled into a dealer in northern NJ. And had the A/C fixed. Total price, $402 USD. Needless to say when I got back to work the next week and told both the Service Manager and the Parts Manager. There were ALOT of questions and red faces.
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Old 12-19-2005, 12:01 AM
CeepoRegistered Member Ceepo is offline
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hey, i was reading your thread and my bug heater doesnt work, its like the fan died or something, can any of you give me an idea at all, im clueless, and it seems everyone of the mechanics i take it to are clueless, any ideas guys/girls, thanks if you do!!!

i turn the middle FAN SPEED nob to #4 and nothing happens, no air not even any noise, does anyone have any ideas what it could be, i have checked the FUSE 2.
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Old 12-21-2005, 02:41 AM
Pulgamovil's Avatar Member Sponsor Pulgamovil is offline
Beetle Cup racer
Join Date: Sep 2005
Mexico CIty, D.F., Mexico
Car: New Beetle turbo Sport 2002

I reckon that the 3 first speeds do work? and only the 4 doesnt work?

I Read some time ago that sometimes the switch in the center dies and , it doesnt start the motor or the AC cluster.

Let me take a check in my Bentley and try to look for th einfo and Ill let you know, in the mean time tell us if its only position 4.

best regards
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