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Old 12-05-2012, 07:24 PM
Skeeter2000Registered Member Skeeter2000 is offline
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Default 2000 V'dub questions

I have a 2000 Beetle, have owned it since 2002. It has 225,000 km. Mostly highway miles. I have maintained this car very well, regular oil changes (synthetic oil), timing belt at 100,000 & 200,000, cv joint replaced, among other small things like brake lines etc.
There is clunking sound at the front when I hit bumps (mechanic said it was the front struts) and will need the brake routers resurfaced soon.
So my question is: is there anything else that I should do so I can drive the car from BC to Quebec next summer? I try to be ahead of problems (and breakdowns), before they surface. AND my brother is the mechanic - need to have all the service done before I head east!!
And can I tow a small trailer (flat) - what is the max weight?
Thanks for any advice...
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Old 12-05-2012, 09:14 PM
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The front clunking sound are the Front Sway bar bushings.
Very common especially if they have never been replaced.
I had the same problem and after swapping out the bushings there were no more clunks. Took me about 30 minutes per side and they cost about 10 dollars a piece. Very easy fix.

Here is a link to a DIY. Too bad the OP is no longer active and the pictures were removed. But it really is a very easy job to do and the first thing I have ever done to my Beetle.

Here is a complete kit that comes with new brackets and new bolts which is nice to have. Also you either have 21mm or 23mm front sway bar. Mine is a 2000 and had a 23mm Front Sway bar.

Volkswagen New Beetle 1.8T > Search > Sway Bar Bushings > ES#259396 Front Sway Bar Installation Kit - 1J0698336D
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