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Old 09-04-2012, 11:48 AM
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Default The dreaded 01M ... P0715

This forum has been so helpful to me, I hope I can get some help on my current problem.

I got a great deal (maybe) on a 99 New Beetle for my daughter with 99k that needed work (2.0 AEG with dreaded 01M). I worked hard to get the engine running, the interior clean, and the body and paint in good shape.

I was aware of the issues with the junky 01M when I bought it, but my daughter had to have a Bug and an Auto ... so I took the chance.

When I got it running, the tranny worked great but then went into in limp mode. I have an OBDII and cheap U281 tool. I check the codes and the forums and replaced both the G38 and G68 speed sensors. I also did the transmission fluid/filter change according to directions on this forum. It worked fine for a while and now on and off it is in limp mode.

I am getting the P0715 from the OBDII and the 00297 from the U281 reader. The transmission shifts fine when not in limp mode ...

I also noticed that sometimes the gear that it is in does not display on the instrument panel ... just nothing.

What the heck does "Input/Turbine Speed Sensor Circuit-Malfunction" mean?

Not sure what to do next ... can someone PLEASE help me?
Thanks in advance
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Old 09-04-2012, 08:26 PM
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From Ross-Tech Wiki
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Contents [hide]
1 00297 - Gearbox Speed Sensor (G38)
1.1 00297 - Gearbox Speed Sensor (G38): No Signal
1.1.1 Possible Causes
1.1.2 Possible Solutions
1.1.3 Special Notes

00297 - Gearbox Speed Sensor (G38)
00297 - Gearbox Speed Sensor (G38): No Signal
Possible Causes
Wiring/Connectors faulty
Water damage at connector
Transmission Vehicle Speed Sensor (G38) faulty
Possible Solutions
Check Wiring/Connectors
Check Transmission Vehicle Speed Sensor (G38)
See Measuring Value Blocks (MVB)
Special Notes
On some 01M Transmissions, the terminal connectors for the G38 and G68 are the same and can be mixed up. This can give an "Implausible Signal". Verify sensors have the correct connectors using the wiring diagram.
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Category: Fault Codes
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Old 09-05-2012, 01:31 AM
ppopovecRegistered Member ppopovec is offline
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Thanks for the quick reply. I appreciate the information.

I already replaced the G38 sensor ... it is the one with the square connector ... maybe I got the wrong one or a bad one.

Based on the above I took some readings to confirm the wiring was OK. Do you know what the ohm reading(s) should be for the sensor?

The new sensor alone ohm reading is 810 ohms ... Installed in the car the ohm reading is 885 ohms ... I assume because it is measuring something.

According to ... It says the normal resistance is 850 ohms.

I did the nasty deed and took out the TCM to confirm readings at T68 (wow ... who designed the horrible location and mounting, ugh). According to the wiring diagram, I measured the ohms acros terminals 21 and 66 of T68 .. .and got 885 ohms (+/- a little) in an attempt to confirm the wiring was OK. Looks OK, I think. While I was in there I cleaned all the grounds as I read on a different post. They looked Ok though.

Any ideas what to do next ... could it be the TCM? ... Does not seem like a bad sensor or the wrong sensor ... maybe?

Thanks again

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Old 04-18-2013, 01:32 AM
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You should also check your fuses and make sure there no bad corrosion or whatever to stop a connection in the connector.

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